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I am a classroom teacher and over the past 30 years, I have taught Science, Math and Industrial Arts. I am an avid supporter of our Student Leadership class and I enjoy working with students in the classroom and also seeing them thrive in learning experiences out in the community. I have been involved in professional leadership right from university as a volunteer in the education student union. Since then, I have served as Local President, Local VP, PD Chair, Secretary, Local Communications and Treasurer.

Provincially I have served on the following committees: Finance, Strategic Planning, Discipline, Curriculum and Teacher Education and Certification. I currently serve the Science Council of the ATA as District Representative and I am proud to serve the teachers of Alberta in this role. When I am not working at the school or Barnett House, I enjoy repairing vehicles and helping out my friends and family.

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A fully funded public education system with a government that respects the professionalism and autonomy of teachers and the association.


I believe in working with my Provincial colleagues and fighting for my district teachers on the things that matter to them. I am fiscally responsible as a District Representative. My representation depends on the priorities of the teachers I serve. Some of the things that are important to me:

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Repair the erosion of classroom support for students! This means providing reliable technology, smaller class sizes and sufficient supports for students with inclusive learning needs.

Fair compensation for the professional services teachers do every day. The includes recognizing all of the concessions teachers have made with no salary increases.

Replenishing the investment in professional development funding for teachers and providing time for teachers to collaborate and learn from one another.

Teach and learn

Communicating and advocating with a Government that has decided to disengage with teachers when education matters most. We must work together where we can and be bold advocating for what public education needs to be its best.

Fiscal responsibility continues to be a priority for the teachers I represent and I maintain a careful watch on all financial matters.

I am a proud supporter of Catholic Education and my colleagues who work in Catholic Education.

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When you support me, you’re voting for a classroom teacher with a proven track record of advocating on fighting on your behalf. If you know me, you know I don’t back down on the things that matter to the profession. Over the past 30 years, I have been engaged in ATA leadership at a local and provincial level. My commitment to teachers includes a quick response and access to me on the things that matter to you.



Paul Froese is a respected member of Provincial Executive Council. For years, on PEC, I witnessed his solid, member-based stance on key issues facing the Association. The Association needs District Representatives who represent not only their geographic district’s teachers/electors, but also the interests and concerns of all public education’s teachers. Paul Froese has the experience, energy, knowledge, and background to continue to serve you, and to represent your voice at Provincial Executive Council.

- Jere Geiger, Former District Representative

I have worked alongside Paul, as part of the executive for Elk Island Local 28, from my very first ARA to my current role as Local Communications Officer. As a newcomer to executive Paul was patient and offered the support I needed to embrace and excel in my roles. He celebrates our diverse and unique talents and encourages us to work collaboratively for the betterment of teachers in our Local. The value of his knowledge of the discipline process, bargaining, OH&S and so much more coupled with his network at the ATA is incomparable. Not only does Paul give support to the executive but he is a strong supporter of all our members. He is approachable and kind. Paul makes himself available to members to answer their questions, assist them with problems and offer guidance. Paul continues to be focused on what is best for teachers and public education and I have no doubt this will continue if he is once again given the opportunity to be our District


- Maxine Holm, Local Communications Officer, Elk Island Local 28

Leaders are adept at solving complex problems requiring a keen sense of the issues based on a firm understanding of the facts. This is Paul Froese, an individual who does not shy away from the fight for the rights of Alberta teachers and Public Education. I have had the privilege of working with Paul directly and indirectly while serving the teachers of Alberta. I have a great deal of respect for individuals exhibiting leadership, dedication, integrity and commitment towards public education and the teachers of Alberta. Paul Froese understands what it takes to lead and has spent many years representing the interests of Public Teachers. The ATA will continue to be well served by re-electing Paul Froese!

- Mark Ramsankar, Former President of the ATA

I work directly with Paul on issues that arise in my duties as a TWC chair, for which I have had the pleasure of serving my local since 2015. Teachers reach out to me when they are looking for information, or they are in crisis. Paul is supportive in all aspects of my position. He is knowledgeable and forthright and is in constant communication to make sure that I have the latest information to perform my job. Most importantly, he is available at all times. When teachers are in crisis, they do not call during business hours. Teachers are working hard during the day. They call me in the late hours of night, when no other services are available. Those teachers need someone in their corner to make sure they get the right information at the right time. I need someone in my corner as well. Paul has been that support for me, and for the teachers of Elk Island Public. He works hard, behind the scenes, to offer support to those who need it, when they need it.

- Jennifer Fredeen, TWC chair of Elk Island Public Local 28

Paul works tirelessly on behalf of the teachers in Edmonton District. He is a collaborative and supportive resource and team member that is always available to support teachers with questions, locate information to assist in decision making, connect to supports at Barnett House, and help teachers navigate a variety of situations that arise and make the difficult job we do more difficult. He is compassionate and is always there. What you see is what you get with Paul. He is honest, tells it like it is, cuts through the jargon to get information to teachers that they need. Paul is very gracious and doesn’t take enough credit for the work he does. The average teacher would not be aware of the countless hours he spends working with me, our executive, and members who need support, to make the lives of all teachers in Elk Island Local 28 better. His level of service goes above and beyond and we have greatly benefited from having him as our District Representative.

- Deneen Zielke, President of Elk Island Local 28

I have known Paul for more than 25 years. What you see is what you get. There is no act put on because its election time. He is knowledgeable , decisive, and totally dedicated to the wellbeing of teachers, students, and Public Education in Alberta. Paul works tirelessly to represent us, the teachers of Edmonton District (Elk Island Public and Catholic, St Albert Public and Catholic, as well as Sturgeon), and would never back down from a fight. He is focused on the issues and always keeps himself well informed. Edmonton District, Paul is our DR, and we need him to continue to be our DR. That will happen only if you vote March 13-16. It's up to us now. Let's get it done. Vote Paul Froese for District Representative and we'll be very well served!

-Greg Jeffery, Previous President of the ATA

When I look at the mission statement of the Alberta Teachers Association, "The Alberta Teachers' Association, as the professional organization of teachers, promotes and advances public education, safeguards standards of professional practice and serves as the advocate for its members”. Paul’s leadership exhibits the very core of this statement, SERVICE. Under Paul’s leadership as District Representative, I see someone who lives his passion for this profession and colleagues. Paul is solidly

versed in the policy and procedures of the ATA, supports and advocates for our local and the needs of our teachers, he listens and validates, he is present and hands on, encourages us to grow and supports our growth through helping to provide connections and resources, and his commitment to his profession is truly inspiring. Paul is always available 24/7, returns calls and texts promptly, he is invested, he cares, he is strong, but most of all Paul values connection and creates friendships with his members. Thank you, Paul, for everything you do for me as a teacher, as a member, and most of all as a friend.

- Kimberly Zapesocki, Elk Island Local 28, PD Chair, Assistant Principal

Throughout Paul Froese's career he has been a tireless advocate for education. His commitment to advocating for classroom conditions conducive to teaching and learning is admirable. Engaging with teachers began when he was Local President and continues to be his focus as a District Representative for the Alberta Teachers Association. He is tireless in his service to teachers, believing that they deserve to be heard and supported. Paul's understanding of the political landscape makes him a highly effective District Representative for Edmonton District.

- R. Kuik, Education Consultant




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